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We had our wrap party for season 2 of WW last night. As part of a thank you for our Showrunners and Producers, a few of the actors and I helped organize a silly music video. So secretly on the most secretive show on TV, over the past few weeks I have been emailing with the Cast and Crew to help put together a 90s "Freedom Rock" type late night commercial. We took submissions from departments our lovely cast and shot short music video parodies with WW lyrics and compiled a video over the last week. It played after a gag reel the producers ran at the party.

There were laughs where there were supposed to be laughs. There were a few cheers sprinkled throughout. It feels like it worked. Here's hoping I get to keep making silly videos and working with such awesome people.

It has been the experience of a lifetime working with the best Cast and Crew in the business!

That is literally all I can say and have probably already said too much. I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. :)

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