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Ali Naqvi, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, grew up in the southernmost region of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. After earning a degree in Communications from the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Ali delved into the world of filmmaking. He initially directed numerous short films and music videos in South Texas before transitioning to a role as a Videographer for The Monitor in McAllen, Texas. In this role, he covered Breaking News and Live events while also contributing to the creation of promotional videos for local restaurants and bars.

In 2011, Ali relocated to Los Angeles with a determination to make his mark in the film industry. That year, he produced several short films while simultaneously working as a Coordinator and Production Assistant on various feature films. Notably, he contributed to shorts for Funny or Die, a company associated with Will Ferrell and Adam McCay. During his downtime, Ali, along with his roommates at The House on South Bronson, developed an eponymous web series. Their premiere episode, "The Audition," gained recognition on Tosh.0, and multiple episodes were featured on Funny or Die. Ali served as the producer and director of several episodes.

In 2012 and 2013, Ali expanded his portfolio by working on larger projects such as Disney's Lone Ranger and CBS' Extant. Collaborating with notable figures like Jim O'Heir and Valente Rodriguez and musicians like Shawn Harris of the Matches, he directed several short films and music videos. His directorial work extended to projects with artists such as Tim DeVil, Squarecrow, Davey Allen and the Midnights, and Apache Pistol. He also collaborated with his Mentor, Richard J. Lewis on a video for Liam Russell.

In 2014, Ali secured a position as an Office Production Assistant on HBO's Westworld. His journey with the show involved roles as a Writer's Production Assistant, Visual Effects PA, and extensive involvement in overseeing all aspects of Seasons One, Two, and Three. During Season Four, he served as an Associate Producer, directing 2nd Unit and Additional Photography Units, which ultimately earned him membership in the Director's Guild of America. Ali's multifaceted career reflects his passion for storytelling and dedication to making a lasting impact in the film industry.

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