January 22, 2018

Just shot a Music Video for Squarecrow today. Some would say.. It Rocked.. I'm here all week!!!

 We set off the Fire Alarm. We wafted it and went with it.

We watched some playback.

Obligatory DP on a Ladder Shot.

 Obligatory "Directing" Shot.

The band pretending like they a...

December 18, 2017

We had our wrap party for season 2 of WW last night. As part of a thank you for our Showrunners and Producers, a few of the actors and I helped organize a silly music video. So secretly on the most secretive show on TV, over the past few weeks I have been emailing with...

November 14, 2017

Been a little while. We are currently still in production so I haven't had a chance to update here very much. 


Here's some news. I have been contacted to direct another music video.

For now check out SQUARECROW and get stoked for a new project!!


September 23, 2017

That is all!

We just had a nice Turkey dinner. Thanks, Daisy, Emily, Bridget, Paul, Sam, Andrew, Chris, and Chris!

How about that Oxford comma!

September 21, 2017

y(our) story

I decided to do a quick look back on my latest project, y(our) story.

It started with me catching Tim de Vil live in San Francisco opening for The Matches.  The precise moment I knew I needed to work with Tim was right in the middle of "Say it...", in which...

September 15, 2017

I'll post some thoughts here now and again. I'm sure one person will read this. Thanks, Mom.

I have begun brainstorming some ideas for my next project. I have been writing some stuff down in a little book. Thank you Dollar King. 

It started with just random words. Then I...

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